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Chasing Happily Ever After Conference

Christian relationships are under attack. More than ever, people are approaching relationships influenced by secular principles, and these influences are resulting in more broken people, families, and hearts.

The goal of C.H.E.A. is to partner with fellow churches & leaders to provide a fun and influential platform in helping Christian’s navigate the relationship process and combat secular influences. Through technology, we are able to offer this resource for FREE and around the world virtually. We are able to work with individuals, churches and ministries to provide a unique experience to their audience. If you are interested in learning more about how we can bring this virtual conference to you, please contact us.


Whether an all church event, couples ministry, small group, young adult ministry, or youth ministry, we cover various topics to fit your specific needs

Dating Strategies



Conflict Resolution


Divorce / Healing


Courting / Engagement

Split Home


& MORE...


Thanks to technology, we are able to offer your church, small group, or organization a purposeful  & interactive virtual conference. Best of all, this experience is FREE to all attendees.

Conference Includes

  • 2-1/2 to 3 hour time frame
  • 2 Teaching Sessions
  • Ice Breaker
  • Give Aways
  • Interactive Activities
  • Visual Presentation
  • Q & A Discussion
  • Personalized Digital Promo
  • Event Registration

Additional Options

  • In-person experience (COVID Safe)
  • More Teaching Sessions
  • Additional Speaker(s)


Are you interested in bringing CHEA Conference to your city or have questions? Please leave your name & number and we will contact you.

Hear What Attendees Are Saying


Fantastic, practical, and relatable way of addressing the sometimes taboo topics related to “dating” in the 21st century. The points of levity metaphors Brian used really opened up the dialogue about Christ’s desire for the unmarried in the church. It was truly a breath of fresh air to have someone like Brian speak candidly about things the modern church body just won’t address.

~ Lala you talk about down to the nitty gritty ! Thanks Pastor Wallace I got off that conference call I love myself all over again ! Because I fell in love with Jesus all over again what a strong Deliverance very practical very attentive as well great insight awesome transparency in the objective about true love with a spouse was delivered and that is returned back to that first love of Jesus Christ to know how to love at the beginning in end of the day .

~ Anonymous

Everyone attending seemed very engaged during our virtual conference. The breaks in sessions, breakout rooms, and games made the conference flow well and kept the energy at a higher level.

~ Cari

Pastor Brian was very concise, clear, candid and real. This was the best singles conference I've ever attended,

~ Leta

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for just bringing all that you did to our conference. Both, you & your ministry are a tremendous blessing!

~ Justin

Our warped view of Love fails us Christ shows us the reality of love. Love is not easily attainable. Seek the source and all else will follow when you find yourself seeking love. Struggling to Love is reflective of a struggle to know Christ “Christ is Love”

~ Anonymous

Over the years I've went from NOT wanting a relationship... to not caring... to being open... to super down about not having someone...

which is weird! lololol

In one night your conference has helped so much and shown me how I got there, but most importantly how unhealthy the thoughts were and where I am in the process of a relationship. I've got a serious need to spend time with Jesus and dig those roots. Thank you and sorry for the novel. haha

~ Brian

Pastor B was awesome!! Was relatable and made us see we need to hold ourselves accountable But in a non authoritative way. More like a big brother looking out for us.

~ Anonymous

This was my first time attending a relationship conference, hope to attend future ones. It also showed me and confirming many of points in my past relationship with my late husband so now there's no doubt and I'm more confident in what to expect in my future relationship Thank you

~ Isabel

I’ve been a Christian going on 6 yrs in September. I stepped away from my sinful secular life overnight. I have not had anything to do with dating as a Christian because I really didn’t know how to date in the first place. My entire life was a whirl wind of disaster relationships with a handful of men I thought was a relationship. I just found out that I never built a relationship on friendship or with a foundation. I was today years old when I finally heard this! God has a plan for me. So I bought your book on Amazon. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail. God Bless you.

~ Yvonne

The experience was insightful. I really liked the emphasis on data collecting relationships, instead of dating.

~ Anonymous

The conference was a huge blessing! Your transparency and practical application founded in Biblical principals was on point. 👌🏽 I’m excited to read your book and have already recommended your podcast/social media to a couple of friends! 

~ Nancy

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Have Questions? Please leave your name & number and we will contact you.

Let us host your next conference

Have Questions? Please leave your name & number and we will contact you.

Let us host your next conference

Have Questions? Please leave your name & number and we will contact you.

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